Certified Life & Business Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Author.



Saloua Ibaline  is a Certified Life & Business Coach, a Public Speaker and Author. She is the Founder of  “S.M.A.R.T. Women, INC.” A women empowerment organization designed to educate and encourage women on various issues regarding their personal, professional development and empowerment.  In conjunction with S.M.A.R.T. Women Inc.  Saloua has embarked on a journey entitled  Self Made Successful Women show , where she interviews inspirational women on camera about their personal journeys, the challenges they have faced, and what success means to them.  With these videos, Saloua, hope to inspire the new generation of global Self Made Successful Women to reach their own definition of success. Saloua has done a tremendous amount of work on herself, and strives to live by the philosophies she shares with others.  She recognizes that as a coach she must be transparent with her own life, and uses the experiences from her childhood and the inspirational example set by her own mother as proof that anyone can change their circumstances if they can learn to recognize their own power.


  • I attended an event Ibaline Saloua spoke at and was truly amazed in her presentation. She is truly a gifted soul in delivering her message and motivates others to ask themselves self empowering questions to live an emotionally fulfilling life and purpose. Her presentation is a true compliment to any event she is a part of and her mission is one that I proudly endorse.

    Matt Smith

    Co-founder of Mastering the Tides Maryland


    Matt Smith

  • There is nothing more exciting than to be a witness to someone finding his/her true purpose in life. I have had the honor of seeing Saloua Ibaline develop first as a martial artist and then as a first-rate Certified Life Coach. Saloua is gifted of a natural presence that demands attention from moment one. She has taken this gift and turned it to the service of others. She is able to inspire trust from get-go and from there guide her clients to clarity and effective decision making. She is an inspirational speaker, finding inspiration from her vast international experiences to motivate her audiences to focused, goal-oriented decision making. As a friend I am very proud of Saloua’s personal transformation. As a colleague, I am inspired by her journey and most importantly by her unusual motivational skills. Saloua is quickly becoming a force for the betterment of women throughout the world



    Jean Ronald Lafond

  • I worked with Saloua as a life coach, and gained a lot from the experience. I knew I was unhappy with certain aspects of my life, but Saloua got me to go into much more detail and work out exactly where the problems were, and come up with specific plans to improve. She is dedicated and consistent, and not afraid to go deep with you, if you’re willing. I feel like Saloua is always there for me, encouraging and pushing me to be my best self.


    Erica Mundy / Opera Singer