My Story


Saloua Ibaline was born in a very poor neighborhood in Morocco.  Her mother had been forced into an arranged marriage at the age of 14.  She grew up watching women being disrespected in an environment completely dominated by men.  All her female role models were regularly abused physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Despite the fact that her mother went through so many challenges including depression, suicidal thoughts, court battles, and abuse, she did her best to shelter Saloua from the hardships she faced from an early age.  Saloua was separated from her brothers and sisters at an early age and found refuge in Belgium with her mother where she grew up and had the opportunity to have an education.

At the age of 21, she made a big move to New York City, not knowing a soul in the United States but determined to make her own way.  In New york City she worked day and night while studying and eventually received her degree in business management.  Saloua has also a strong background as a stage performer, having performed and  toured with various dance companies.  She is now using that experience for her public speaking appearances.

Saloua’s creative and business skills combine in a unique skill set that eventually led her to the event planning industry. She completed her certificate in event management in New York city, where she then worked for a well-established event planning company as executive assistant for a few years. Today she uses her knowledge in event planning today to create her own events on personal development throughout the Tri-States Area.

Over time Saloua  experienced extensive self-exploration and personal growth, she has completed many seminars, courses and conferences about self-exploration and personal development. She soon began to realize that her life’s purpose was to help others realize their potential, especially women, and help those who don’t have a voice be heard.          

For years she refused to settle for a job, lifestyle, or relationship that would not serve her greater purpose.  She  refused to follow the robotic system that society imposes so today, in her mission to help others, she has been able to utilize her knowledge to guide others reach their full potential.

In 2014, Saloua received her Certification as Professional Life Coach and founded “S.M.A.R.T. Women Inc.”  It’s  mission is to organize and put on events designed to educate and encourage people on various issues regarding their personal and professional development.   In conjunction with S.M.A.R.T Women Inc.  Saloua has embarked on a journey entitled “Self Made Successful Women”, where she interviews ONE HUNDRED inspirational women about their personal journeys, challenges they’ve faced, and what success means to them.  With these videos, Saloua, hope to inspire the new generation of global  Self Made Successful Women.

Saloua strives to live by the philosophies she shares with others. She recognizes that as a coach she must be transparent with her own life, and uses the experiences from her childhood and the inspirational example set by her own mother as proof that anyone can change their circumstances if they can learn to recognize their own power.